Refund Policy

If you are going to place an order on you fully agree to abide by and be held in accordance to the below detailed refund policy.

Order cancellations, refunds, and returns are issued and allowed on a case by case basis. After an order is placed with the seller reserves the right to issue a refund, cancellation, or return at his sole discretion. To prevent against fraud, typically after an order has already shipped a refund or cancellation will not be granted.

The seller will request that you inform him why you would like a refund, and if he sees fit, will deem the refund. If the seller is not satisfied for the reason the refund or order cancellation is requested, he may determine not to issue a refund or cancellation.

Some (but not all) of the reasons an order will not be eligible for a refund are the following.

  1. You changed your mind about the order.
  2. You no longer want the order.
  3. You think the product is not “valid” or “real.”
  4. You were told by someone, or you read somewhere, that you shouldn’t have made the order.
  5. You don’t like how the front, back, or overall card itself looks or feels.

If you have already opened the package, no refund will be permitted.

If you request a refund before the package has shipped, you may be charged a refund fee and or restocking fee to recuperate the fee we are charged by our payment processor. 

If we allow a refund after an order has been shipped, the refund will only be provided once the order is returned in an unused/unmodified condition. All returns are subject to a restocking fee that we determine based on each unique order. 

If the seller allows a return or cancellation, the buyer will be responsible for the shipping cost of the package was shipped, or if a shipping label was printed.

If a package is returned to us because USPS wasn’t able to deliver it to the address you provided us, you will be refunded your amount of purchase minus the cost of shipping and/or a refund fee.

If you are requesting a refund, return, or cancellation, please contact us.