mRNA Blood Exemption Card


Don’t let them put spike proteins in your blood. 

Long term mRNA blood studies have not been done.

Protect your blood from clotting and thickening. 

Don’t become another “died suddenly” victim!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  -Edmund Burke

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High Quality Full Color mRNA Blood Exemption Card.

These mRNA Blood Exemption Cards are made of very high quality durable plastic.

The cards are about as thick as a standard sized debit card and are very smooth.

The mRNA blood exemption cards contain real references so you can assert your rights!

Don’t be tricked or bullied into receiving mRNA spike protein tainted blood. The cards are your voice!

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Yes! The mRNA Blood Exemption Cards we sell are real. The cards are made of hard plastic and they contain real references and statements on them. 

In most (if not all) states a patient in a hospital setting has the right to request to use their own blood during a procedure. 

The process for colleting and using one's own blood in a medical setting is known as an autologous donation.

After you place your order the cards are shipped out within 24hrs. Your package will take about 3-5 days to arrive (barring any delays by USPS).

No. Under the law we do not have the right to ask you what your medical condition is so we don't ask.

You are free to order a card without disclosing your medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask.

Yes! We proudly make these cards in the USA and ship them from the beautiful state of Tennessee!

The cards are about the size of a debit card or a drivers license.

They are made of hard plastic and are created using high quality standards and methods.

Yes. Much research has been done in the last few decades in regards to the safety of blood donations.

Much consensus has been reached in determining that using one's own blood for a blood transfusion is the safest route.


The sources referenced are as follows:


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