Vaccine Exemption Card

Covid Vaccine Exemption


Don’t let them force DNA altering poison into you. 

You are not an animal to be medically experimented on. 

Fight back against medical crimes against humanity.

Use your rights or lose your rights. 

Under national and international laws you are exempt!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  -Edmund Burke

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Protect yourself and your entire family! 

Keep in your wallet at all times in case of an emergency!


High Quality Full Color Vaccine Exemption Card.

These Vaccine Exemption Cards are made of very high quality durable plastic.

The cards have the same thickness of a debit card and are very smooth.

The vaccine exemption cards contain real laws and statutes so you can assert your rights!

Don’t be bullied and pressured into taking a vaccine you don’t want. The cards are your voice!

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Andrea Jenkins
Andrea Jenkins
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We've been using ours, and it's wonderful. We've never gotten an argument, just oh, okay, go ahead.... They are fabulous!
Kenten Flener
Kenten Flener
Read More
Just got mine and already used it twice. Works like a charm!!!
Marlena Scipio
Marlena Scipio
Read More
Used this twice today. Worked both times. Ordering more.
Rebecca Ludwig
Rebecca Ludwig
Read More
What a blessing this card has been for me!
Tara Snyder Harris
Tara Snyder Harris
Read More
I love mine - haven’t had to wear a mask yet!!🤗


The Vaccine Exemption Cards contain the information with your legal rights of denying vaccination under the laws of informed consent.

Under various national and international laws you are exempt from mandatory vaccination as long as you use your informed consent to deny the vaccinations.

Carry the vaccine exemption card with you at all times!

If you are ever presented with a  demand to take a vaccination you do not wish to receive, invoke your right of informed consent by presenting your card to the would be vaccinator.

Keep the card on you at all times so that in case of an emergency where you can't speak anyone who is handling you will know you wish to NOT BE vaccinated.

The New Covid-19 Vaccination falls in the same category as all vaccinations.

You can not legally be forced to take the vaccine.

If anyone attempts to coerce you into taking the vaccine against your will, show them the card and tell them you refuse to take it under your informed consent. 

The card references all of the following national, and international laws on informed consent. 

  • Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights Article 6
  • Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 50 Subpart B
  • Helsinki Declarations of the World Medical Association
  • Geneva Convention IV 1949 Article 32
  • Nuremberg Code of Informed Consent
  • Missouri vs McNeely, 569 US 2013

No. Under the law we do not have the right to ask you what your medical condition is so we don't ask.

You are free to order a card without disclosing any medical condition or information to us. We DO NOT ASK!

After you place your order the cards are shipped out within 24hrs. Your package will take about 3-5 days to arrive (barring any delays by USPS).

Yes! We proudly make these cards in the USA and ship them from the beautiful state of Tennessee!

The cards are about the size of a debit card or a drivers license.

They are made of hard plastic and are created using high quality standards and methods.

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